Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Posts Coming Soon!!

Dear Friends, its been time since I had last posted on this blog. It's not that I am not reading but then I am looking forward to achieve in few areas and finish off with some pending tasks once and for all. These things are keeping me pre-occupied and that makes it difficult for me deliver.
I am not trying to give any reasons as such to my readers but then I know I have to continue blogging.

I will be back within 2 months. I am waiting for few things to complete. By this time, I believe I will be able to win over myself and then start afresh....

Hope everything else is good. :-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

!!Virgin Richard Going Indi-Mobile!!

Corporate baron Richard Branson is bringing in the 'fun quotient' to target its 70million+ youth segment. Recently, Richard Branson launched 'Virgin Mobile' in India in an alliance with TATA Teleservices. The company is working on a 'franchisee based model' wherein the business model would revolve around 'revenue sharing' and 'payment of fixed amounts' on periodic basis to TATA Teleservices. The company is planning to make an investment of USD 1.2 billion in the next few years. However, the company is not planning to invest this amount on infrastructure setup, rather it plans to use these funds for offering distinctive value based services to its pre-defined 'youth segment' which stands between the age group 14-25 years. The company plans to create its own 'blue ocean' out of the already saturated telecom market in India by seamlessly offering great value & vibrancy. Recently launched products like VKewl & VBling offer cutting edge technology with aggressive pricing for the youth segment. Besides this, customers get 10 paisa credit on every incoming call lasting for 1minute. This is an all time extension to the Indian mobile user and telephony experience as a whole. Although, existing mobile operators appreciate this model but at the same time they are cynical about the sustainability quotient. Guys, let's see, how high this one of virgin's flies..the game has just started. I am sure loads of goodies are herein to our offering...What say you? :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

World is coming to the TATAs!!

"TATA Motors finally got world brands-Jaguar & Land Rover"; A moment of great pride and humility for 'We' as Indians. No doubt it is absolutely a 'wow' thing, an apt of 'great misfit' for the western eyes but at the same time even the Indian markets presented their resentment towards this great USD 2.3 Billion TATA-Ford deal. As the deal was announced on Thursday, stocks of TATA Motors went down by 7.5% in the Indian stock markets. Although, the fundamentals that drove the 'bear run' over the TATA Motors stock were within expectations, analysts questioned the medium and long term feasibility of this new heavy weight TATA acquisition. According to market sources, investors were worried and speculative about TATA's ability to restore and re-inforce the fading light of 'Jaguar & Land Rover' brands in the International market. Ford (US Auto Giant) was facing tough competition from brands like Mitusubishi, Toyota, Hummer, Honda, General Motors and Hyundai within EU and US while marketing these mid-high value sedan (Jaguar) and SUV (Land Rover). The company was also facing problem with high manufacturing costs and input costs associated with the assembling of these units, raw material availibility and spare parts supplies.

As TATA takes over the management, production and operations of these brands within next 24 months, the biggest challange which the Indian industry looks at is the TATA's ability to merge the management and design & implement 'low cost production' or 'lean manufacturing facilities' to cut rising costs in the EU and Asian markets. Another interesting challange for TATA would be to 'position and market' these luxury brands in the already maturing Indian markets when companies like BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, NISSAN & MAZDA are already onset with their plans to roll out aggressive premium products.
All in all, I personally believe it is going to be a 'win-win' situation for TATAs and Indian investors. Guys, after all it's TATA:-)